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15 Tips How to make travel enjoyable

Icon February 7, 2016
Icon By John Doe
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  1. Make the most of your day by getting up bright and early. You will be able to fit more activities if you start your day earlier and also get to experience the beautiful sunrise. Not to mention having more energy and better weather when it’s the morning.
  2. Travel to destinations that are meaningful to you. Use this opportunity to explore somewhere you have always wanted to see. Don’t limit yourself to simply going somewhere you are required to go.
  3. Get outside of your comfort zone! Experiment with foods and activities you never thought you would try! Learn and dive deep into your destinations cultural surroundings to really understand what makes it special and different. Use this occasion to challenge your ideas, world views and perceptions of life.
  4. Try to be in the water as much as you can. Whether it be in the lakes, ocean or swimming pools, spending time in the water rather than sitting or standing in front of it will get you more into vacation mode. Also, water activities are an easy and fun way to fit in a workout, since its resistance gets your body moving.
  5. When sightseeing, get outside of your car every couple of hours. Sometimes when we are using transportation as a way to explore, we forget to step out and really take in the setting we are in. This can also give you the time to stretch your muscles or even have a picnic. In fact, the scenery is usually more beautiful in front of the glass window!
  6. Walk and explore. Although driving or using other vehicles as transportation is convenient, walking around gives you the advantage of exploring cool nooks and getting a real sense of the place. Use the first few hours of arriving to your destination to walk around and get familiar with the restaurants, parks and stores around the area.
  7. Winter travel. We are all used to traveling during the summer or spring, but how about going to snowy destinations too? The diverse number of activities that can be enjoyed in the European countries can make you fall in love with the cold. Skiing, snowboarding and any winter sports are perfect activities to try in places like Switzerland or northern Europe; an experience you can’t have in tropical climates
  8. Don’t over-plan your travel itinerary. Having an idea of what to see and when is good because it helps you organize your days accordingly. However, try to leave a little room for improvisation or free time to relax and enjoy yourselves. Pick a few must-see locations and then use the spare time to go with the flow.
  9. Take lots of photos. What better way to create memories and keep them than taking selfie’s and cool scenic shots. This is a great way to share these memories with your loved ones back home.
  10. Speak the local language. Even if you’re not quite familiar with the language, simply knowing the basics and using it as much as possible not only shows a great reflection of you to the country you’re visiting, but also allows you to better immerse yourself in their culture.
  11. Ask locals for advice. Who knows best about your destination better than the people living there? Reach out and ask locals for the best spots like restaurants, coffee shops or secret bars. This will allow you to get more involved in the local culture and seek out more unique and less crowded activities.
  12. Pack light. As people with lots of stuff, we are used to over-packing and bringing much more things than needed when traveling. This not only makes you take up more space but also makes your luggage much heavier which may make it harder traveling from place to place. Try to limit your amount of clothes by mix and matching outfits each day. Also only bring the gadgets you really need!
  13. Try to limit gadget usage. Having laptops and cellphones are great because they allow us to reconnect and answer emails on the go, even abroad. But checking up on our social media feeds or work emails often can make you feel like you’re not really on vacation. Put yourself on real holiday mode by limiting your cellphone checks and instead enjoying your well-deserved travels.
  14. Get your vaccinations

If you know you are traveling to a high-risk destination regards to health, do your research to know if any immunizations are required or recommended. This will also help you narrow down which vaccinations you really need so you limit your expenses at the travel clinic. Get your vaccinations at least 2 months before your departure as some need to be started much in advance before your arrival.

  1. Fly comfortably.

To find out ways to make your pre-departure and flight stress-free, head to our article on how to make your flight comfortable

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