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About Us

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TripLow is an online travel agency offering international and domestic flights through hundreds of airlines to take you to anywhere in the world. We offer customers of this and the next generation with the best user-friendly travel products and technology and best prices to easily and securely create your next flight or travel plans.

Triplow is based in Calgary, Alberta, and follows Canadian and USA standards to provide you safe and secure travels as well as ensuring access to all the international and domestic flights. This also guarantees our travel services to be regulated with uniform standards and allows customers to feel confident in booking with us.



TripLow is passionate about travel and wants people to be able to travel the world in the most affordable and simplest way possible. Our mission is delivering a sophisticated booking engine to allow for a stress-free online booking and easy traveling experience. We also promise to offer the most affordable deals as we have partnerships with national and international airlines, suppliers and tour operators. We assure our clients that all the travel suppliers and third-parties we work with are hand-picked and a forerunner in the travel industry with a proven record of exceptional service delivery.


Our vision is to provide the best prices and best quality of customer service to our clients, to make us one of the leading retail travel and online multi-airline booking suppliers in Canada. To work towards this goal we will offer and tweak our services to meet the needs of our clients and we kindly ask for testimonials of feedback for consistent quality assurance.

Customer service

Our customer service philosophy is founded upon providing care for our clients every step of the way throughout their reservation process. Since our services and products are provided for our clients online, there may inevitably be questions that our customers may have. That is why TripLow prides itself in offering 24/7 customer support before, during and after bookings are made. All concerns are carefully dealt with one-on-one with clients to ensure a valuable service experience and an overall peace of mind. Simply email us at to get assistance from our experienced travel support team.

Best Price Guaranteed

We provide the lowest prices for all your destinations by offering numerous travel options personalized to your specific needs and preferences. The vast number of partnerships and negotiations TripLow has with airlines allows us to provide the most competitive prices to our customers.


Safety and security

Book your travel plans with confidence as TripLow comprises of the best safeguard SSL and security and industryleading managed security services with threat management, vulnerability management, compliance management, all types of credit card verification and protection to protect your personal and payment information to preserve safe and secure transactions. See our privacy and security policy for more information


TripLow uses a state-of-the-art multi-channeled booking engine, taking the algorithms of our customers desired travel dates and destinations to deliver a variety of a hundred plus flight options. This allows for us to not only administer the most discounted travel flights and products, but also providing unique pricing and destination combinations for our clients.


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Our services

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